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5 Types Of Sex You Will Have

Throughout someone’s sex life cycle it’s completely normal to have many different experiences that will either leave you locking the door for more or literally running for the door swearing off sex for awhile. Either way, you’ll learn to live and laugh off these moments making sure you spill every juicy detail to your friends

1. Awkward First Time:

Whether this is your first time or theirs, it’s just totally uncomfortable because you don’t know what position you should be in and if it is actually supposed to feel this way. Many times you’re not even comfortable getting completely naked and at what moment should you start faking your orgasm. The whole dynamic is wrong and the sexual tension that you thought was once there is long gone leaving you to think of all the escape routes you can do to get the hell out of there. Don’t worry not all of your encounters will be this brutal but it’s a good stepping stone not to take it so seriously.

2.Wild & Meaningless:

Ah, some of the best nights will entail this type of sex because you’re letting your hair down and getting down to business with a complete stranger or someone you’re casually hooking up with. Sometimes taking all of the emotions out of the intimacy can give you more energy to focus on pleasure for you and your partner. Also, you can be as insane and erotic in bed as you’d like because chances are you’ll never see this person again.


The lovey-dovey relationship type of sex where you passionately look into each other’s eyes and confess your love with each thrust. There will come a time if it hasn’t already happened where you’re going to experience this and it’s one of the most satisfying sexual encounters you will have. It’s comforting to get vulnerable emotionally and physically with a person on multiple occasions. Being in love or spending the night with someone you sincerely care for can lead to better orgasms and increased sexual expertise.

4. Break Up/Makeup:

So many emotions of sadness, anger, relief and joy within a matter of minutes that will give you a roller coaster of emotions during this type of sex. Anything you do with an ex will be interesting because you’ve done so much sexually with them but there are so many other feelings involved whether you decided to get back together or break things off for good. Chances are you’re still going to be seeing them sexually because you’re comfortable with them and why look elsewhere if you’re both single, lonely and horny.

5. Morning:

Rise and shine and the sun is not the only thing that has rose this morning. Once you’re horny and already hard, it’s hard not to turn over and stick it to the person next to you. Hopefully, the feeling is mutual, and you get to go at it first thing to start off your day. Make sure you have some breath mints on your side table or take a quick trip to the bathroom to freshen up before getting fully intimate. If you don’t mind a little morning breath then all to you and proceed with your savage little morning ritual.

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