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5 Of The Most Popular Sexual Fantasies

If you’ve never done role play in the bedroom or discovered your hidden sexual fantasy, then you’re missing out on all of the excitement that sex could be. There are so many different fetishes and fantasies that can enhance your sex life, but I will give you insight on the top five that seem to be everyone’s goes to.

1. Teacher/Student:

It’s always exciting to add a little role play into your intimate relations starting with more obvious and easy roles that can easily transfer to the bedroom. At one point it’s everyone’s dream to get with the hot professor that the used to dream about back in the day so why not make it a reality in the bedroom. Even going as far as buying the props of sexy school girl lingerie

2. Threesome:

Everyone man and woman’s dream if they get it there way. It’s totally up to you to whether you want it to be two men and one woman or two women or one man or really whatever floats your boat. By adding someone new into the mix you will spice up your love life by incorporating someone else’s sexual skills while compromising everyone’s sexual needs.

3. Force:

Establishing a submissive and dominant role in the bedroom can quickly add some fire in the bedroom, especially if you take turns with switching the roles. Whether you’re holding down their wrists or grabbing them from behind, there’s something sexually stimulating about the mystery and aggressiveness of having a forceful partner.

4. Bondage:

A little different than force you are actually using tools to strap someone down or even using various gagging techniques and tools to make sure that you’re giving your partner the ultimate pleasurable orgasm known to man. There are so many different levels of bondage that you want to ensure your partner is comfortable with using all of the props but most likely if it will give pleasure and slight pain it is worth the shot. Also note, if you’re looking for someone for bdsm sex check out justfet.com the app that makes it effortless to find kinky people near you.

5. Private Dancer:

There’s nothing more arousing than having special treatment, especially in the bedroom. This is a perfect time to be in tune with your partner’s favorite sexual favors and make sure all of them are done accordingly. Starting off with a strip tease and leading with many other teasing moments will only increase the sexual tension leading to a more desirable full out intercourse. Even if you don’t know what you’re doing when the music comes on, or go to your rhythm make sure you’re having a good time.

If you’ve never given into your sexual fantasies or cravings, it’s about time to let your partner know all of the role playing ideas you’ve wanted to do for quite some time. No need to be ashamed of wanting to get down and dirty in a different way because there is always room for improvement in the bedroom and spicing up your love life!

If you want to learn more about men’s sex fantasies then check out the video below!